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What does a doula do?

I provide a variety of evidence based research to help increase your knowledge of what may or may not happen before, during and after birth. ​


I help you discover the tools of assertiveness and the power of choice, so you have the courage to ask the right questions during your doctor/midwife appointments and ultimately stand up for yourself and own your birth. ​


I provide you with non-judgemental opportunities to open up about your fears, anxieties and worries about pregnancy, birth and postpartum, so as to release and calm your mind and body in preparation for a more positive motherhood journey. ​


I provide physical techniques such as massage and acupressure during all stages of motherhood, to help release tension and ease pain or discomfort. ​


I provide equipment such as a birth pool or tens-machine to help create your birth space and minimise discomfort during birth. ​ I can provide support to, and demonstrate or remind your birth partner of the tools and techniques to remain connected, calm and confident during birth. ​


I provide encouragement and motivation to lift you up and to help you discover how strong and capable you are as a birthing woman and mother. ​


I provide emotional support in the postpartum stage so as to create a positive and smooth transition into motherhood. This will be in the form of being a sounding board to talk or cry to about your worries, celebrate your motherhood wins with you, encourage and motivate you to be the best mama you can be, and help guide you through common breastfeeding challenges.  ​


I provide physical support (such as food preparation, massage, or just giving you time) in the postpartum stage so as to help alleviate some of the pressures and demands of caring for a baby.