What do other mamas say?

Thank you for everything. You were absolutely amazing and I couldn't have that far without you. Your encouraging and kind words were exactly what I needed to hear through the labour (that's my love language, words and affirmations). Your love, kindness and continuous physical support through all the hours were incredible. I honestly couldn't have done it without you. Giorgio really needed your help as well and we're so blessed for all the support you gave us. It was such a long process and like you always reminded us, birth is so unpredictable. 

ASHLEY CIRAULO - Baby born May 2021

Just wanted to say thanks again for all you did yesterday and the months prior to it. Can't find the words to thank you enough. It was the most beautiful birth we could have ever dreamed of and you certainly contributed to it. We were more than ready (even if we hadn't finished looking at the hypnobirthing videos), you helped develop in Justo the best support and your words to my ears during were just what I needed at that moment. We're so glad we have crossed paths and have chosen you as our doula and we wish you the best in this journey. I can see it's your passion and you're doing it amazingly. 

ROMINA JOB - Baby born May 2021

We got Emma for my 2nd pregnancy and birth, we were trying for a vbac but were unsuccessful and the birth it's self was traumatic. But the support from Emma through the pregnancy was invaluable. And even when the birth went sideways she was able to give me support in labor and my husband when I whisked away. And after was so good to get her perspective on how everything played out and someone to talk to about it all. And her cooking was great!

NICOLE WATSON - Baby born February 2021

Emma was so warm and friendly at our first catch up my hubby and I knew she was who we wanted on our birth journey. Although Covid put a spanner in the works for Emma assisting at my birth her support leading up meant that I felt confident and prepared for what is an incredibly life changing moment. Highly recommend her services and support for any mums looking for a doula.

KATE HAIG - Baby born February 2021

We are so grateful to have had Emma as part of our birth team. Amazing support through pregnancy, planning and discussing support during labour. Then during labour, having Emma as a constant support when all was unexpected was so reassuring. Emma went above and beyond to be there for me. Postpartum support has also been just what I needed.

I would highly recommend Emma as your birth doula. thank you for being there for me when I needed that reassurance the most and for taking beautiful photos for us on our camera so we can remember it all. So so grateful.

KELLY COSTA - Baby born November 2020

From the moment we met Emma, we knew she was the Doula for us. Throughout my pregnancy Emma was so attentive, caring and knowledgeable. Any questions I had, she provided a whole range of information that was completely unbiased to her own beliefs or opinions.

Being a first-time mum, I didn't know exactly what to expect so when I went into labour, Emma made sure I was safe and supported. Her gentle and reassuring voice was my source of reason as it guided me through my contractions. Even in moments of doubt and fear, Emma was there, creating the space I needed to birth my daughter.

Emma has been amazing to both me and my partner throughout our whole pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey, we cannot thank her enough for her support. If you are looking for a wholehearted, grounded and passionate Doula, then Emma is definitely for you!

MONIQUE MASON - Baby born January 2021

Emma was super easy to get along with. I developed an instant rapport with her. She was really knowledgeable and I felt comfortable asking her any questions that I had. 

JANE - Initial Consult March 2020

Very warm and welcoming presence. Easy to chat to and provide feedback on what felt good. Felt supported and heard - exactly how I want to feel in labour. 

KIRRYN - Initial Consult March 2020