How can I support you during your pregnancy?

Birth is one big event. Preparation is absolutely key.

Preparing your mind, body and soul for labour and birth, is something I can help and support you with as your doula. 

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As your doula I offer...

One initial non-obligation free meeting (1 hour)

So we can meet and find out whether I am a good fit for your birth and your family. 

Two prenatal visits (2 hours each)

Where we can discuss and go into depth about your thoughts, fears, reservations, beliefs, values and questions around pregnancy, birth and beyond. This time can also include physical preparation such as massage and acupressure, and mental preparation such as guided meditation, fear release and mindfulness practice.

Additional visits can be arranged for an extra $80 (per hour) depending on how you are feeling. 

Birth plan discussion and free template

This is where we really nut out the finer details of what your hopes and dreams are for the type of birth you desire. It is important to have plan A, B and C also written up so that you are prepared for various situations that could arise. It is also important that you, me and anyone else who will be at the birth, knows what type of birth you want. Yes, birth is unpredictable, but there are things you can control. Evidence has found that when women have a perception of control in their birth, they feel more satisfied and positive about their birth experience. A birth plan can include such things as "What type of induction will I choose if the situation arose?" or "Do I want a water birth?" or "What music do I want playing?". 

Free use of my resources (such as some birth books or birth ball)

The best way to prepare your mind is to read and inform yourself. I can help recommend some evidence based books and websites to start. Using a birth ball during pregnancy also helps prepare the body. I can help suggest movements and ways to use the ball to help feel more comfortable during pregnancy. 

Unlimited email and phone support 

Throughout your pregnancy I will be here to give you guidance or chat about any questions or concerns you have about labour and birth. It is important that we build a strong relationship so that you feel comfortable and calm with me as one of your birth support people. I am also passionate about empowering and encouraging you to find answers to those questions yourself. 

Doula Support Package $1200

Includes everything mentioned above. Price doesn't include refundable bond for birth pool and TENS machine.