How can I support you after your birth?

Often we prepare for the pregnancy and birth, but forget about the time afterwards. Mothers need just as much support and care in their postpartum journey. As your doula I will be there to support you in nurturing your body and mind after birth, so that you can in turn nurture your new baby. 

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As your doula I will...

Immediate postpartum support (1-2hrs straight after birth)

This often is unique to the birthing couple. We can discuss together what your desires are for after the birth. Often mothers and their partners want ample, uninterrupted time with their new baby. Lots of skin to skin and breastfeeding and bonding time is important at this stage. Food, drink and keeping your space calm, quiet and uninterrupted is some aspects that I can support you with after birth. 

2 postpartum visits (1- 2 hours each)

When these visits occur is completely up to you and your needs. Often, if you have a midwife, they will visit you for the first week after the birth. I can come within the first 6 weeks after birth, and can help with such things as debriefing your birth with you, offering massage to relax and calm your recovery body, guided mediations, general discussions about your mama journey, food prep or breastfeeding guidance. 

Extra postpartum gifts to surprise you

It's a surprise. You just rocked your birth. You absolutely deserve to be spoilt mama!

Use of breast pump if needed (bottles not included)

Sometimes breastfeeding is a challenge. If you're having difficulties, pumping can help stimulate your production. Seeing a lactation consultant is also helpful or contacting the Australian Breastfeeding Association.  

Doula Support Package $1200 

Includes everything mentioned above. Price doesn't include refundable bond for birth pool and TENS machine. 

Postnatal Doula Support $300

Only includes services after birth. Does not include use of TENS machine or birth pool.