How can I support you during your birth?

Birth is a time of transformation. It can be beautifully raw, exhilarating, challenging and rewarding. You have nurtured and housed your baby for a good 9 months or so, and it is now ready to help them enter the world and into your loving arms. As your doula I will be there every step of the way to ensure your experience is positive, loving and calm. I will be your support system empowering your to birth your way - your body, your baby, your birth. 

Your Birth Mama - The Creative Collectio

As your doula I will...

Be on call between 38 weeks – 42 weeks

Estimated due dates are exactly that - estimated. Unless you are being induced there is no real way to know when the baby will arrive. So I will be on call for at least the last month of your pregnancy to ensure I am there for the birth. 

Unlimited email and phone support

So that I can be there exactly when you need me before and during the birth. 

Bring with me my doula bag of birth goodies

This includes such things as an essential oil spray to help relax and calm you and your birth space and a Rebozo that often helps support your body and align your pelvis for an smoother birth. Other things like snacks and toiletries etc. are also included. 

Have a back up doula ready 

This is just in case, for unseen circumstances I cannot attend your birth or your birth goes longer than I can physically sustain. 

Continuous labour/birth support (up to 15hours continuous)

The benefit of a doula is that they are there to support you continually for the birth. Depending on how the labour is going, I will often be there from the time of active labour to when the baby is born (this adjusts depending on the your preferences). After about the 15hour mark, and depending on how I feel, my back up doula will take over to allow me some rest. A well rested doula is a more supportive doula. 

Use of my Tens machine (pads sold separately) 


Use of my birth pool (liner sold separately)


$200 security bond for birth pool 

$50 security bond for Tens machine 

Doula Support Package $1200 

Includes everything mentioned above. Price doesn't include refundable bond for birth pool and TENS machine.