Who is Your Birth Mama?

I'm Emma, the birth doula with a big smile and big laugh. I'm a creative at heart and at one point nearly pursued a career in fashion design. But the competitive nature of that industry was not for me. I enjoy the calmer, more heart warming things in life - like cups of good coffee, bush walks with my husband, family games nights, shameless Disney movie binges, big furry cuddles with my mum's golden retrievers and cooking way too much pasta bolognese. My favourite time of day is the morning when I hear my daughter wake up and start to talk to herself in her little baby-chatty way. My heart literally skips a beat when I hear that little chatter. Any mama will understand how much joy the small things in life bring when you have children. 

Mama-hood is one big rollercoaster ride. It has revealed to me so many things about myself as a woman, a daughter, a wife and a mother. One thing that has stood out to me the most is just how important support is during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Sometimes it’s hard to admit, but we can’t do this on our own. Mamas, in fact all women, need a circle of support. 

It has taken this journey of becoming a mama myself, to realise how little self confidence women have these days. Through my experience as a high school teacher, I have witnessed girls put themselves down and not see themselves worthy of being strong, independent young women. This is even more true when it comes to birthing women. Society has taught women that birth is something that happens to them, rather than something they do themselves. Women are brought up to fear birth and often lack the confidence to make choices that suit them, their bodies and their babies. You are so strong mama. You CAN birth your baby and you CAN make the choice to have a positive mama-hood experience. As your doula I will be right there beside you cheering you on!



Women need to support women. Mamas need doulas.

Mamas need support systems that make them feel safe, loved and encouraged. This is especially true for birth. Research has shown that continuous support from birth workers such as doulas, can help reduce caesarean rates and the likelihood of interventions or trauma. As your doula, I will be a part of your support system. I do not take the place of a birth partner, a midwife or a doctor. Instead I can offer you continuous emotional and physical support to help you prepare your body for birth and give you the tools and techniques to maximise your birth experience. As your doula, my wish for you is to have a calm, confident and connected mama journey.

Birthing my daughter was such a pivotal moment in my life. It challenged me to my core and proved to me how strong I can be. How strong women really are. Birth is amazing. Birth is challenging. Birth is epic. No matter what type of birth you had or will have, whether it be a vaginal, caesarean, non-medicated, medicated, emergency or home birth, your birth experience matters, because YOU matter. Many mamas go into birth, fearing what will happen. Fear and lack of support have such an impact on how you birth, as well as shaping what type of mother you become.

I often feel that a doula is the missing link in birth. I don’t want women and their partners to wish that things could’ve been different. To have a less than positive experience of birth. I don't want women going into birth feeling scared or unworthy. I don't want mamas feeling regret or disempowered. My wish as a doula is to support and guide you both emotionally and physically through the waves of birth, going in and coming out feeling calm, connected and confident with how it all panned out - no matter what road it took. Birth can be beautiful, peaceful, powerful and empowering, no matter what type of birth you choose to have or end up experiencing. A positive birth is completely achievable; you just need the right mindset and support system in place. 

Your Birth Mama - The Creative Collectio
Your Birth Mama - The Creative Collectio